Cross-National Comparative Research – Analytical Strategies, Results, and Explanations


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Hans-Jürgen Andreß

Detlef Fetchenhauer

Heiner Meulemann


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Additional material for the Special Issue

We hope that you find the articles of the Special Issue interesting and useful. If you consider the summarized work for your own research or for your teaching, the following material may be helpful:

·         A list of references to all empirical studies discussed in this Special Issue can be found here,

·         Summary tables characterizing the main design features of all empirical studies discussed in this Special Issue can be found here.

We thank Carolina Dahlhaus (U Cologne) for making these documents available.

Data sets including multi-level studies and their design features

Colleagues have prepared for their own work data sets including multi-level studies. We thank them for their willingness to share these with our readers.

·         This is the Excel File of multi-level studies that we used in our introduction to the Special Issue, unfortunately not very well organized and complete. The first version was produced by Henning Lohmann (U Hamburg) and later updated by Julian Litsch (U Cologne).

·         Alexander Schmidt-Catran (U Frankfurt / Main) has a similar data base (see Schmidt-Catran, Fairbrother, and Andreß, 2019). You can find the Excel File in the Online Appendix of the paper.